Note: Add an additional $3.00 per page for each page over 5 pages, EXCEPT for mortgages. For mortgages add $3.00 per additional page over 30 pages. Add $4.00 for each additional reference/notation.
Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate$51
Affidavit of Descent$50
Affidavit per KRS 382.297 or 382.337$46
Articles & Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)$46
Assignment of Mortgage$46
Assignment of Rents$50
Assignment of Vendor’s Lien$46
Assumed Name$46
Assumption Agreement$46
Attest – Release (In House)$46
Bonds – Property as Surety$63
Bond to Release Mechanic Lien$60
Child Support Lien – In-State$5
Child Support Lien – Out-of-State$46
Child Support Lien Release – In-State$5
Child Support Lien Release – Out-of-State$46
Condo – Deed$50
Contract Real Estate / Land$50
Declaration of Trust$46
Deed of Correction$46
Deed of Restrictions$50
Dental or Other Professional Registry$10
Easement Release$46
Encumbrance Release$46
Fixture Filing$96
Inheritance Tax Lien$5
Inheritance Tax Lien Release$5
Judgment Lien$46
Land Use Restrictions$50
Lease – Real Estate or Equipment$50
Limited Partnerships or Partnership Agreement$46
Lis Pendens Notice$46
Lis Pendens Release$46
Marital Agreement$46
Master Deed for Condominiums$50
Mechanic Lien$46
Mechanic Lien Release$46
Mortgage Modification Agreement$46
Mortgage with Assignment$126
Notice of Execution$46
Option Agreement – Real Estate$46
Power of Attorney$50
Release of Mortgage – Full or Partial$46
Revocation of Power of Attorney$46
Subordination Agreement$46
Tax Lien – Federal$46
Tax Lien – State$5
Tax Lien Release – Federal$46
Tax Lien Release – State$5
Renunciation of Will$46
Disclaimer of Will$46
Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is set$13
Certified copy (Plus 25 cents per page, after 5 pages)$5
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