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An affidavit is a legal document that serves as a written statement of facts, voluntarily made under oath or affirmation by an individual known as the affiant or deponent. It is typically used in legal proceedings to provide evidence or support a claim. The purpose of an affidavit is to establish the truthfulness and accuracy of the information presented.

Affidavits are commonly used in various legal contexts, such as court cases, immigration processes, and business transactions. They are often required to present evidence, state personal knowledge, or attest to certain facts or events. Affidavits must be signed by the affiant and often require notarization or the presence of a legal authority to administer the oath

Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate

The conversion of personal property to real estate refers to the process by which movable assets, which are typically considered personal property, are transformed or incorporated into real property, which includes land and permanent structures. This conversion occurs when personal property becomes permanently affixed or attached to the land or a building in a way that it becomes an integral part of the real estate.

Certificate of Assumed Name

Renewal Certificate of Assumed Name

A Certificate of Assumed Name, also known as a Certificate of Doing Business As (DBA), is a legal document used to inform the public and relevant authorities that an individual or business entity is operating under a name that is different from their legal name or registered business name.

The purpose of a Certificate of Assumed Name is to provide transparency and avoid confusion in business transactions. When a person or organization chooses to operate under a name other than their legal name, they are required to file a Certificate of Assumed Name with the appropriate government agency or local jurisdiction.

Open Records Application

Open Records Policy

An Open Records Application, also known as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request or Public Records Request, is a formal written request submitted to a government agency or public institution to obtain access to records and information that are considered public and subject to disclosure under relevant laws.

The purpose of an Open Records Application is to promote transparency and accountability in government and allow individuals or organizations to access information that is in the public domain. These requests are typically made by members of the public, journalists, researchers, or organizations seeking specific information or documents held by government entities.

Release of Real Estate Mortgage

A release of real estate mortgage, also known as a mortgage release or satisfaction of mortgage, is a legal document that signifies the completion and full repayment of a mortgage loan secured by a real property. It serves as evidence that the mortgage debt has been satisfied, and the mortgage lien on the property has been released.

Vendor's Lien Release

A Vendor’s Lien Release, also known as a Release of Vendor’s Lien, is a legal document that signifies the release or satisfaction of a vendor’s lien on a property. It is typically used in real estate transactions where the seller (vendor) has provided financing to the buyer (vendee) and retained a vendor’s lien on the property as security for the outstanding debt.

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